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Honeywell Life Safety
Training Centre
Waterside Road
Hamilton Industrial Park
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Newhouse Industrial Estate

Please find below the Training courses offered to OUR Distributors only:

  • SenTRI Basic Commissioning

    Duration – 2 days
    Course Details – The course takes delegates with no or little knowledge of the SenTRI System through the following elements:

    • Product overview
    • Loop addressing of devices, (soft and Safe addressing)
    • Powering up and controlling loops in order to locate all devices wired on the loop and then with the aim to provide labelling of device location including device zoning
  • SenTRI Advanced Commissioning

    Duration – 2 days
    Course Details – It strips out the default ‘one out, all out’ cause and effect and using the software tools available we re-build using sectors/ sector linking, create delays (delay blocks) and use time control (time slots and blocks) for sensors sensitivity control, Command builds for additional use in fire, fault and non-fire events and include co-incidence detection (multi-fire events).

  • SenTRI Basic Networking

    Duration – 1 day
    Course Details – The course introduces networking theory with practical linking of control panels together and the transfer of all fire actions and all system messages to all panels as ‘one out, all out’ across the network with global control at all panels for Sound and silence alarms and reset of the control panel.

  • SenTRI Advanced Networking

    Duration – 1 day
    Course Details – This course takes the Basic Networking course further and shows how to transfer specific actions to across the network between different panels, whether immediate or delayed, use of command builds across networks and co-incidence actions across networks.

  • Fault Finding

    Overview – Provides an understanding of Fault Finding and false management with hands on fault investigation.

    Preparation and Pre-requisites – Delegates must have attended SenTRI Basic Commissioning course training prior to attending Fault Finding training
    Objectives and contents – At the end of the course the delegates will have an understanding of:

    • Printout interpretation
    • Sub-faults, condition codes and states
    • Short circuits faults and open circuit faults
    • Hardware faults/ Double allocation faults
    • Ground break faults
    • Transmission faults and recover failures
    • Sector configuration and interpretation
    • False alarms
    • BS5839 Part 1 and sensor location
  • For further information or to reserve places on these courses please contact Training on 0203 409 1779 Option 5.

    Alternatively, to book a course log in to the Learning Management System.

    Visit the Training section in the Infocentre to find out about next available dates.