Analogue Fire Detection

  • This is a small selection of our Analogue Addressable product range, for further details on any of these, or our complete product portfolio please contact your local distributor.
    Analogue Brochure
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  • SenTRI 1

    SenTRI ONE Control Panel

    An EN54 approved single loop analogue addressable panel managing up to 127 devices. Ideal for small to medium sized businesses.

    • Flush or surface mounted
    • Configurations can be designed by using the offline function in the commissioning tool
    • All detection and alarm devices connected to the same 2 core loop
  • SenTRI 2

    SenTRI TWO Control Panel

    An EN54 approved networkable panel which can be configured with up to two detection loops, accommodating up to 200 devices per detection loop, this panel is an ideal solution for medium to large sites and campuses.

    • 8 x 40 character LCD display
    • Lockable outer door prevents tampering with controls
    • Password protection of engineering functions
    • LED indication of zones on fire
  • SenTRI 4

    SenTRI FOUR Control Panel

    Design certified to EN54 parts 2&4 1997, The SenTRI Four panel manages up to 4 loops up to 1km long, accommodating up to 200 devices on each loop.

    • Can be upgraded to 72 hour standby
    • The panel's software allows fire plans to be precisely tailored to site requirements
    • Flexibility of design as up to 10 panels can be connected on a single network
  • SenTRI Sensors

    Advanced Sensor Technology

    Advanced sensor technology ensures rapid detection of real fires and minimises the likelihood of false triggers.

    • Optical and heat detection in a single device
    • Individually addressed devices to enable pinpointing of potential fire
  • SenTRI Sensors

    Ceiling Sensor Sounder VAD

    Sensors, sounders and EN54-23 VADs (Visual Alarm Device) in a single device mean fewer devices. Attention tones can be programmed with a choice of standard tones.

    • Low current consumption allowing up to 100 sensor sounder VADs per loop
    • Class leading Part 23 coverage
    • Integrated sounder within the sensor with the option for a bell tone
  • Anti-Ligature Base

    Anti-Ligature Base

    The SenTRI Anti-Ligature ceiling mounted base provides additional safety to occupants within secure facilities. This base has been designed to provide additional safety within buildings that accommodate people who are at risk.

    • Certified to 6.4 kg release load
    • Anti-tamper lip to prevent storage of contraband between base and detector
    • Labour saving installation as no need for a T-Breaker to maintain loop continuity
  • 34000 Adapter Base

    34000 Adapter Base

    The 34000 adapter base provides a fast, simple solution for the replacement of legacy 34000 range of sensors with current SenTRI Sensors. The adapter base fits neatly onto a SenTRI sensor enabling it to be fitted directly onto an existing 34000 base without the need for removal of the old base and rewiring of a replacement.

    Watch the 34000 Adapter Base video here

  • SenTRI VADs

    Wall Sounder VAD

    A VAD (Visual Alarm Device) option warns those with hearing difficulties of a potential fire hazard, meeting the EN54-23 standard, this is a legal requirement in all public buildings through the requirements of the Equality Act 2010 (formerly DDA). Attention tones can be programmed either as a bell or a choice of standard tones.

    • Meets new EN54-23 standards with class leading coverage
    • Sounder VADs in a single device mean fewer devices, less cabling and reduce time on site
    • Our new 800mA loop card supports up to 100 VADs or up to 70 combined sounder VADs on the loop
  • SenTRI Beam

    SenTRI Beam Sensors

    SenTRI Beam sensors provides an enhanced solution for linear beam detection for applications where point detection is either not practical or uneconomic.

    • Beam pairs are loop powered supporting 16 pairs per loop (8 pairs on SenTRI one)
    • Each pair covers a distance of up to 100m without the need for an external Power Supply Unit, wiring or interfacing
  • SenTRI MCP

    Manual Call Points

    An EN54 part 11 compliant addressable call point with a response time less than 1 second. Versions available include:

    • Resettable or break glass
    • Surface and flush mounted into a back box
    • Anti vandal lift up cover
    • Simple glass replacement process
    • LED confirmation of operation
  • SenTRI Mains Switching Interface

    SenTRI Interfaces

    Our interfaces allows plant control and connection to other life safety systems such as sprinklers. SenTRI interfaces provide highly flexible functionality and most units are loop powered without the need for separate power supplies.

    • Mains Powered and Mains Switching Interfaces are available to meet most applications
    • A range of low voltage interfaces are also available on request