• This is our Paging product range, for further details on any of these, or our complete product portfolio please contact your local distributor.
    Paging Brochure
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  • Paging Plus

    Response Plus

    This system will fit all types of industries requiring a paging network. The Response Plus has 4 contacts but also has a serial input/output that which will display the messages that appear on the front of our fire panels that have a serial output.

  • Paging Link

    Response Link

    This is an entry level option that features the same capability for paging whilst providing only basic information of an incident. This makes the system a cost effective solution for particularly smaller sites. Response Link connects to alarm installations via four dry contact alarm outputs and a 500 mW transmitter and antennae.

  • Paging Aid

    Response Aid

    Response Aid is used in hotels, universities and retail stores to support the deaf and hard of hearing in case of a fire emergency. The device is set to Equality Act 2010 recommendations sending a strong vibration to every pager together with a text message alerting the user of a fire evacuation.

  • Pagers

    Response Pagers

    The Response pagers are simple, compact and discreet personal devices for short messages. They are lightweight, comfortable to wear and come with a robust belt / pocket clip.

  • Rechargeable TFT Display Pager

    Rechargeable TFT Display Pager

    The rechargeable TFT Display pager is designed for busy staff who rely on instant communication. It Is the most robust pager for your paging system. Save time by automating communications with up to 10 pre-programmable text or image alerts and up to 200 characters per message handling capability.

  • Site survey kit

    SMS Site Survey Kit

    The Response Paging Site Survey Kit is a simple and convenient solution for those conducting regular paging site surveys.

  • Duplex repeater

    SMS Duplex Repeater

    The Duplex Repeater is a purpose designed repeater for the SMS Response Paging System. It is used to extend radio coverage with the Response Paging family on fire event messages.

  • Receiver

    SMS Output Control Paging Receiver

    A high sensitivity, ultra low current paging receiver which is able to control a single on-board relay and two open collector outputs.